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Kiwanis Scholarship Information

Good morning,

This is a summary report of the 2017 Scholarship Committee's work.
Technical scholarships are awarded $1,500.
Academic scholarships are awarded $2,000.

There were 28 technical applications, defined by them being 2-year degree programs at State College or local schools in either an undergrad, or technical field.
We received 2 additional applications for on-line studies but did not choose to award either based on the merits of the application.

Weldon Frost, through his family foundation, donated $1,000 toward a scholarship for an eligible MTI student from the technical scholarship group.  The Committee felt that matching the $1,000 would make this a more meaning scholarship award and Weldon was invited to attend the breakfast and to award this $2,000 scholarship personally. 

There were 52 academic applications, which are for 4-year (or greater) college degrees represented by a range of colleges/universities.

A $5,000 Edith Barr-Dunn Scholarship was established to award from the academic scholarship group this year.

The Technical Scholarship Committee selected 14 for awards, with the Frost Foundation award going to Aimee Michele Grapp, of Bradenton, FL.

The Academic Scholarship Committee selected 21 for awards, with the Edith Barr-Dunn award going to Nicholas Sinclair Karpathy, of Sarasota, FL.

The total amount being awarded from the Kiwanis Club of Longboat Key Foundation is $66,500. (same as last year)

Letters notifying all applicants of award/non-award are being prepared for mailing.

Thanks to you all for your hard work, support and friendship.

Susan Phillips, Scholarship Chairperson

Please click on this link to get the Scholarship Information and Application



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