Longboat Key Kiwanis Club

P.O. Box 8097, Longboat Key, FL 34228



This is my proposal for next years dues - which actually will go up at the International level, but I believe with several proposed changes can actually REDUCE the cost of being a LBK Kiwanian. Read the Fact Sheet at the end of this message, to see the proposed 2016 dues structure.   

Dues would remain at $150 a quarter, when people pay only one quarter at a time.

Dues would be discounted to $500, if paid for the full year prior to January 31st, 2016.   This is a reduction from the 2015 $550 One Time annual payment.

Those who pay “snowbird” or “on leave dues” with full voting rights will see their cost go from $45 to $50 a quarter, or $200 a year.

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Dear Prospective member

At Kiwanis, we simply ask for your commitment to help children in need, one child and one community at a time.   That’s accomplished by your sharing of time, and perhaps a bit of treasure.  So, in answer to “what will it cost me”, I offer the following information:


Full voting membership  $150 per quarter or $600 per year for 2017

[covers 51 meals , with additional $90 goes toward International and District (State of Florida) dues].

 NOTES:  if pre-paid prior to January 31st, 2017, the cost will be discounted to $500 for the entire year – IF paid by end of first month of new year.   During 2016, over one-third of our members selected this option.


Spousal membership will be offered on an annual basis only for half the cost of the annual rate, paid in conjunction with primary member dues prior to Jan. 31st.


”Snowbird” voting membership $50 per quarter plus $10 “at the door” meal cost (covers part-time residents and frequently out of town members, with $200 covering all dues, as well as helping fund operating expenses of club).  Some elect to pay on leave dues all year round.   Often, “snowbirds” pay $50 for three quarters, and full price $150 during their seasonal stay on Longboat.


“Legacy” non-voting membership:  For those members who wish to remain affiliated with the club, and have been voting members in prior years, we offer a $200 a year membership.   One meal a quarter is free, additional meals are $10 “at the door”.  


A one time initiation fee is $75, check made out to Kiwanis International.  This establishes one as a member of Kiwanis, starts the magazine, covers members under the event liability insurance, as well as D&O insurance.


Kiwanis of LBK  may choose to waive certain fees during membership drives.  Members joining within a quarter can have meals prorated based on number of Thursdays remaining.

OTHER VOLUNTARY costs – we ask (but do not require) that members consider writing fully tax-deductible checks to the Kiwanis Foundation of LBK (a 501(c)(3)), at the rate of $1 per year of age.   For example, John Wild would pay $70 in April.


Each week we pass a Happy Dollars jar around, and members may elect to put in a Foundation dollar and share any good news or announcements.  While the group raises money for it’s Foundation (currently maintained at $300,000 plus).   We’ve given away (through our Foundation) over $65,000 in scholarships (individuals) and grants (children’s organizations such as Girls Inc, Child Protection Center, Big Brothers and Sisters, Boys & Girls Clubs, etc).

Two major fundraisers are held, as well as a Pancake Breakfast, bell ringing for the Salvation Army (our Publix is consistently #1 in Sarasota), food drives, etc.


I’m sure you’ll have other questions, so feel free to ask me – John Wild,  Past Lt. Governor, Past President and Past Secretary.